Who We Are

We are pioneer in BioFuels, Renewable Fuels and Synthetic fuels production all over India

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Who we are

We are pioneer in BioFuels, Renewable Fuels and Synthetic fuels production all over India. Since the Invention of fuels no up gradation has been done in the production and quality of fuels. We, with our Research and Development team are continuously working to provide the best and advanced quality fuels to our customers. We are constantly creating renewable fuels solution and green energy innovations to create a happier, cleaner, brighter India; Our company is dedicated to the mission of Sustainable development to deliver a powerful green fuel experience across the country.

MyIndiFuels’s flagship brand MyIndiFuels is one of the world’s advanced fuels and a true alternative to diesel, petrol, MyIndiFuels offer an ultra premium, low emission fuel which is compatible with all fuels engine, MyIndiFuels is recognized as a drop in fuels, as per National policy of BioFuels Manufactured, processed and tested.

Our Country is the world’s third largest crude oil Importer and import 84% of its oil requirement in 2021. India’s oil in FY20 and FY 19 was 101.4 billion dollars and 11.9 billion dollars respectively.To cut the imports bill and Import dependency we all as a dependant citizen of India came forward and start using our own country resources and waste to produce renewable and synthetic fuels and spread awareness of Made in India Fuels to use, consume our own products.

Risabh Gupta

MyIndiFuels CEO

MyIndiFuel Services is active as Biodiesel / Petrol Distributor in India. We believe in delivering Quality products. We invest heavily in Biofuel Research & Development Industry. Recognising need of Biofuel, we started operations in Biofuel Industry. Our Team offers technical consultancy to major groups in Biofuel Industry. My Fuels India Services is the cleanest fuel introduced in Indian Market. My Fuels India Services is a Superior quality Bio-fuel engineered to maximize diesel engine performance. It conforms to Petroleum diesel specification for use with existing infrastructure, distribution systems and engines My Fuels India Services outperforms other market available diesel(s) in performance, emissions, mileage, price, and value. By preserving our association with the latest market trends and progresses, we have come up with a complete assortment of Bio Diesel. Appreciated amongst our patrons for their balanced ph level and precise composition, these provided products are extensively commended. Furthermore, to maintain our reputation and faith of our patrons, we offer modified packing solutions for them to our patrons.


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