Refinery Plastic Pyrolysis

To fulfil the ongoing demand of MyIndiFuel, company will open its production unit Zone wise. Company will provide all necessary help to the Dealer to open the refinery.

Refinery will be a partnership venture between Company and Dealer, where both the parties will have 50% - 50% partnership in investment (project cost only) and profit.

We are continuously improving the technology used to manufacture MyIndiFuels, and to increase the quality of our fuel and to fulfil current market demand, we are adding some machinery into our production unit.


To start the revenue of the Dealer, Company will Setup a Depot at the site location, after which company will start giving revenue to the Dealer.


My Diesel refinery will be setup after 4 to 5 months from the Depot installation. It will use different processes to produce My Diesel, which will be stored and supplied from the Refinery.


Plastic Pyrolysis Unit is a different setup of refinery, which will produce My Petrol, if Dealer opt for this Production Unit, it will be installed after 6 to 8 months from Depot installation.


F.T. Refinery is a different setup of refinery, which process collected raw material, and covert it into gas, which can be further processed into usable My Fuel or other products.

So, the installation process is as follows –

1. We will build a depot first at the site of refinery, after the first month of First Instalment, so that we can store and distribute the fuel from the refinery, and dealer can start making profit with us, as it takes 5 to 8 months to start full production from different refineries,

2. After four to six months from the date of depo finalization we will start the My Diesel Production Unit or Plastic Pyrolysis Refinery, and start the production,

3. 6 months after the production start, we will install the Fischer – Tropsch production unit, if the Dealer is Intrested.

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