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MyIndiFuels for Motorist

There are two main types of biofuel used in cars: bioethanol and biodiesel. Bioethanol is an alcohol made from corn and sugarcane, whereas biodiesel is made using vegetable oils and animal fats. Both offer alternatives to non-renewable crude-oil derived fuels like petrol and diesel

1. Average – Upto 10% increase of average due to its density and clean burning properties
2.Pickup – Due to Cetane value which is for better than fossil diesel our MyDiesel gives 50% more pickup than fossil diesel.
3. Long Engine Life – Due to high viscosity than fossil diesel it improves engine life as engine gets less friction.
4. GST Rebate – Getting GST rebate of 1% or Rs. 9 -10/Litre will be a bonus for consumer.
5. Clean Burning – Due to nil content of carbon and sulphur it leaves a goof footprint to our environment.

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